Piattelli Wine Resort


The vineyards of Piattelli are identified by their blocks. Each block is unique in soil composition, degree of slope, elevation, clones planted and on what date. Block 21 was the resort location selected by the owners because it would be the best site for our guests. The Casitas, Spa, and Club House could be architecturally tucked into the vineyard offering our guests privacy and peaceful moments among the vines. With expansive breathtaking 90 degree views of Calchaqui Valley.

Reception | Concierge | Security

At Piattelli we take your stay with us very seriously. The front desk is staffed 24 / 7 to insure those moments with us will be memorable. 


At the reception desk our concierge can discuss the day’s activities and times. Or perhaps offer recommendations of special sights, museum tours or shopping.


For your safety, our security guards have been trained to assist in medically emergency and offer informative assistance. Also to insure our guests a safe environment and restful stay.